Ukrainian Artist Ivan Marchuk is Listed Among 100 Living Geniuses

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The global consultants company “Creators Synectics” has published a list of 100 living geniuses, which also includes one Ukrainian name. No wonder that the rating heavily favours the British, since the initial selection process was based on the opinions of randomly selected Britons who were asked in email massages to name ten people whom they considered to be living geniuses. Each of the initially selected names then was rated by the panel of six experts and awarded scores from one to ten on the basis of a number of important criteria, such as intellect, paradigm shifting, cultural importance, social acceptance, and achievements. The list is headed by Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman (the inventor of LCD), who received the highest rating (27 points) and ends with American filmmaker and actor Quentin Tarantino, who, in view of “Creators Synectics”, deserves 2 points. Three Russians have been honoured, too: mathematician Gregory Perelman (21 points), world famous chess champion and political activist Garry Kasparov (15), and inventor of the “Kalashnikov rifle” Michael Kalashnikov (5 points).

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Ukrainian artist and sculptor Ivan Marchuk has been rated at 6 points; he occupies the 72nd place among the top modern geniuses. Ivan Marchuk is best known in the West as ““Ukrainian Picasso” for his stunningly innovative and deeply philosophic approach to art. Although for more than ten years the artist has been living in the US, he has a tight connection with his Ukrainian motherland, which is clearly seen in his emotional and somehow folkloric paintings and sculptures. The unique artistic technique that resembles tinted glass compositions almost chaotically thrown onto canvass, has been invented by Marchuk himself. He says that his art is like a virtual dream, which is a reflection of his subconsciousness, the world of his thoughts and the realm of his soul. Each piece of art he creates tells a short philosophical story that makes us change our habitual vision of the world…

Ivan Marchuk comes to visit Ukraine twice a year and travels different places, including Kiev and his native land Ternopilshchyna. He says that the connections with the land where he was born and raised is the biggest inspiration that makes him create what the world calls outstanding paintings and sculptures.

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  1. irene s. pyskir-bilak, 7 years ago

    He is amazing. I would like to see more of his art.