Ukraine’s population fell to 45.795 million

Ukraine has 45 million 795 thousand 911 people as of December, 1th. Ukrainians declined by 167 thousand 036 inhabitants since 2010.
31 million 448 thousand 57 people live in cities, including 2 million 797 thousand 553 – in the capital.14 million 347 thousand 854 live in villages. Uban population decreased by 0,24%, rural- to 0.62% in 2010.
For natural reasons the population is decreasing faster than in 2009. If in 2009 the natural increase was -4.1 per thousand inhabitants, last year the country lost 4.3 people out of every thousand.
Migration growth remains unchanged for the fifth year – 0.3 persons per thousand of the population.
Yanukovych promised to improve living standards of Ukrainians and increase the country’s population of 50 million people in his election program. Talking about how to do such increase, the politician explained that “men should work.”
Cash aid for the first child in 2011 increased to 17,952 USD (before that – 12.24 UAH), and by the end of the year will increase to 19,140 USD. For the second child support amount  will be 36.7 thousand UAH at the beginning of the year and it will grow up to 39.2 thousand in December. For the third child put 73.4 thousand UAH earlier this year and – 78.3 ths. at the end of the year.

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