Ukraine is Thriving as a Sex Tourists’ Destination

A short, swarthy man hits the dance floor at Arena, an upscale night club in the centre of Kyiv, on a summer night. He moves to the rhythm of the music and smiles encouragingly as he watches female hips gyrate a hand’s breadth away.

He spots a pair barely covered by low-rise jeans and moves into position behind the dancing girl. His hands reach out for her hips, and his excitement is now clearly visible. The man presses his body toward the dancer until the girl finally turns around and pushes him away.

But Ibraham, a 35-year-old Argentinean, isn’t complaining. During the first five days of his Kyiv trip, he’s already slept with three girls – quite an experience, he says.

“My friends back home told me girls here are beautiful and that you can have one for $50-100 per hour, which is good price for such beauties”, says Ibraham. He smells strongly of a sweet scent when he bends over to make himself heard above the deafening music.

“And I found it all true; there’s so many girls here that you could never have back home,” he grins, turning his eyes back to the dance floor.

Meanwhile, a bunch of middle-aged guys crowd the club’s two bars – Americans, Europeans, Turks, Asians, Some are sipping their drinks while scanning the crowd; the luckier ones are struggling to make themselves understood in pantomime conversations with long-legged Ukrainian blondes.

Arena’s art director Vitaliy Lytvynenko says it’s all normal for a club like Arena, which is centrally located and has a lot of beautiful girls.

“We usually have tough face dress control, but we do not ask girls at the entrance if they come to pick up a foreigner or not, or vice versa,” Lytvynenko said. “People usually go to the night clubs in search of some kind of relationship,” he added.

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