Ukraine Festival Of Children Calls For Better World

The city of Artek on the southern Crimean Black Sea shore in Ukraine was the site of the Ukraine Festival of Children.  This year’s theme was ‘Let’s Change The World For The Better’ and children from 47 different countries including India attended the 20 day festival hosted by the All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund of Hope and Good, promoting the ideals of peace and non-violent behavior to the world’s young.  The festival symbolizes the unity of culture, equal rights for all people, the striving for openness, freedom, social development, and peacemaking.


The festival was held at the International Children’s Centre, one of the biggest, finest, and most well known children’s camps in the world.  The camp is spread over 208 hectares among the Bear Mountains and the ruins of the ancient Genoese Fort.  The nine camps that make up the larger one can accommodate around 4,000 children.  UNICEF, the UN Children’s Fund recognizes the annual festival in Artek, Ukraine as an event that is of cultural value and ‘integral to a peaceful future’.  One of the festivals highlights is the pledge the children take to help promote world peace and integration by ‘forging good friendship and neighborship between countries and as a group the children issued an appeal to the governments of the 47 involved nations – and the world – the change the world for the better.

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