The Girls are losing their Shirts!

Several girls in Kiev have take to bathing and protesting in central Kiev in Independent square. They are protesting to the fact that the hot water has been shut off in their hostels.

This is not something that is just being done to them and it is something that the people of the former Soviet Union have come to expect. The hot water is not regulated by the household or even by the building but rather by city blocks. Over the course of the summer months the government will turn off the hot water in certain parts of town in order to perform upkeep and repairs on the pipes.

So for those who have lived in the Ukraine have become accustom to waking up one morning in the summer to find that the only thing coming out of the water taps is straight cold water. So what do the people do when they have no hot water for weeks at a time? Many have found several different ways to deal with this. Some will visit friends or family that live in other parts of the city, some will take to boiling their water which can become very time consuming others will find locations such as the sauna or the gym and as many can see others will also take to protesting and bathing in liberty square.

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