Staying Safe While Travelling In Ukraine

Travel in Ukraine


Like any other foreign country you visit you are going to want to remain safe while you are in Ukraine.  For the most part you will not have trouble while there, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind while you are in Ukraine just in case something happens and you need to contact someone that speaks your language or works in your nation’s embassy.


·         Always carry your original visa or passport with you.  A photocopy is not effective proof that you are who you say you are.

·         Carry all the information you possibly can on your local embassy or consulate, such as address and telephone numbers.

·         If you plan on being in Ukraine for any length of time, invest in a local SIM card for your mobile phone to save on local calls, texts messages and emergency phone calling.

·         Never flaunt your wealth and try not to publicize the fact that you are not from Ukraine.  Petty theft does exist and foreigners are usually prime targets.

·         If you should happen to be arrested while in Ukraine, notify the law officers that you are a foreign visitor so that they know you are not a citizen.

·         Never drink alcohol in the company of strangers you have just met.  You do not know what could happen.

·         Use only ATMs at banks where the security of the machine is better.  Try to carry cash for use in the smaller towns.  Credit and debit cards are accepted in most of the large cities but not in the small towns where they do not know how to handle them as well as others.

·         Never exchange money anywhere except in a bank and the Euro and US Dollar are acceptable forms of currency in Ukraine, especially in the tourist areas.

·         If you are a black person, be forewarned that there is racism in Ukraine and while you may not experience it, having all of your foreign travel papers with you at all times will help you out if a problem arises.


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  2. charlie, 6 years ago

    i visit`d the you ukraine in march and got a overnight train down to nikolev, i had a inturputer waiting for me at the airport, i found geting through custom`s a bit freeky they make you feel like a crimal straight away, we then got on the train and we meet a couple of girls on the train so we all start`d to have a drink there was 2 police men there and when they seen we were drinking they took my pasport and i had to pay them 100 of there courency to keep drinking or elce i would b put of the train now they do sell drink on the train so i thought it was fine to drink on it, enyway`s it is a good job i had my man to help me with the langwage or for sure i would of been put of the train and at the time it minus 10 degree`s so i probibly would of died and never b found, so the police then said it`s another 100 to smoke and of course i paid, that film `hostel` came into my head, i got to nikolev it is around 11 hour`s on the train from kiev, just remember the police there are very corroupt, money talk`s with them, i went there to meet a lady and she was nise and mannerly i found the people to be very nise and the food excellent if you go on your own as i did have someone there to meet you this is very important as the langwage will stick you, the women are the most beutiful i have ever seen real natural beauty and they keep them self`s very fit and wear great clothes, just bware of the airport custom`s and the police.