Request TVdocumentary about Ivan Kupala


I am working as a researcher for VRT, Belgian Public Broadcasting Television, and I have a question about a new TV-documentary we are preparing. I was wondering if you maybe could help us with an episode about Ivan Kupala.

More information about our documentary: we are currently preparing a documentary series in which the host travels around the world to attend celebrations. ‘Vive la fête’ is a reality show that takes the viewer to a birth in Congo, a bar mitswa in Israel, cherry blossom festival in Japan, a wedding in India, Thanksgiving in USA,… Each time, the host lives the moment the fullest, he experiences what it means to ‘party’ in this or that country and culture, he is not a spectator, but really tries to come as close as he can into the feast and the culture, learn why this feast is important, get to know the people, the rituals, the background, the people living in that country.

For Ivan Kupala, we are searching for an authentic place to film this festival, and for people we can contact to film this interesting tradition. I was wondering if you know if you know people or organisations we can contact.

Thank you very much for your help. If you have any questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I am really looking forward to your answer.

Kindest regards,

Githa Kockaerts

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