Odessa Art Museum

Collection of the museum includes all kinds of figurative arts: painting, graphics, sculpture, ornamental art of Russian, Ukrainian masters of XVI-XX centuries. Museum is situated in the center of Odessa, above the sea, in the palace which is a sample of architecture of XIX century. Exposition is located in 26 halls on 2 floors and starts with creations of icon painters of XVI-XVIII centuries. Art of XVIII-XIX centuries is represented by paintings of Levickiy, Borovikovskiy, Kiprenskiy, Tropinin. Also there is a big collection of pictures of Aivazovskiy. One of the best parts of the collection is art of XIX-XX centuries represented by Serov, Vrubel, Rerih, Kustodiev, Benua, Somov. Department of modern art shows pictures of best painters of Ukraine of XX-XXI centuries.

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