Odessa Archeological Museum

This is one of the oldest museums in the country which was founded in 1825. Now its funds include over 160 thousand exhibits that are the biggest collection of items connected with the history of Northern Black Sea region. Also there are collections of samples of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, coins and medals. Best samples of the antique sculpture are exposed in the hall of the building which was build in 1883. First two halls show materials which cover a great period of time from the appearance of human up to 2 thousand year B.C. The most interesting ones are findings from the settlements of Gymelnica, Tripoli, Usatovo cultures. There are also painted vessels, terracotta sculptures, inscriptions among the exhibits. In the “Golden storehouse” of the museum original jewelry and items made of precious metal which date back to the 2 thousand years B.C. are exposed.

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