Getting Driver’s License in Ukraine.

As someone who went through this last year, I can give you some information. The procedure for obtaining a Driver’s license in Ukraine is of course ridiculously complicated. First you need a health certificate, then you need to attend a Driver’s education course (about 8 weeks). The Driver’s handbook in Ukraine is about 10 times the size of one in the US. You need to pass lots of “tests” at the driving school, the last one being the most important, most people pay their teacher a bribe, then you need to arrange a bribe at the militsia’s office to take your final test, and then voila, you have your license. Having this license is actually a handicap in Ukraine, becasue all traffic tickets, etc. are based on your Ukrainian license, if you have an international driver’s license, they cannot give you a ticket in Ukraine!!!!!! If I were you, I’d get the IDL and just let it expire, and then say “oops” if you ever have a dialog with the militsia….

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  1. Vincent Trent, 6 years ago

    Could you please give me the titles of the books that you need to buy including the militsia’s test book as i am told from friends that they have there own set of test questions.
    All information would be very much appreciated.
    Regards Vincent Trent