Centre of Modern Art “Pinchuk Art Center”

It is one of the most famous places of Kiev and the biggest center of modern art in the country. It is situated in the old district of Bessarabskiy square. This place was restored in the beginning of XXI century upon the project of French architect and transformed into a modern 6-storeyed building which perfectly matches the style of the district. Expositions of Art Center are located on four floors so total area is about 3000 square meters. Citizens and tourists love this place and there are always a lot of people at the openings of new exhibitions. Among most important projects of the Art Center are exposition of Brazilian artist Vik Munis, exposition of photographs of 24 modern photographers from the collection of sir Elton John, exposition of leading modern artists, exposition of pictures of sir Paul McCartney, large exposition of the most expensive modern artists Demean Hurst.

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