About Ukrain Driving License

I would like to know how much its approximately cost to take a Ukrain Driving licence? And if its possibel to drive anywehere in Europe with it ( Sweden )

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  1. admin, 6 years ago

    if you know ukrainian language you can take exams and get driver licence as everybody doing that.
    it should cost around $300 for driving course + some fees for taking exams and getting documents.

    With ukrainian driver license you can drive anywhere – I have it too and it works perfect all over the world.
    But you better ask specifically for international type of driver license

  2. Zeke, 5 years ago

    How long does it take, and can one take the test in English or use translators?

  3. admin, 5 years ago

    you can take a test with translator

  4. Akhtar Ullah Jan, 5 years ago

    i would like to get Ukrainian driving LC, i can speek russain, but i cont read and write fluiencely. I am forgner but i have married in Ukrain and my family in Ukrain since 2006, i have green card and applied for Ukraian passport. I will be thank full to you.