A shocking truth about Lugansk Ukraine or ukrainian beauties

I had a wonderful mood when my aircraft landed in a small airport of the same size cozy and sunny Lugansk a Ukrainian suburban city. A beautiful and slim stewardess with a shining smile wished all the passengers a wonderful time in this amazing Ukrainian city with a big history and original culture.

I came to Lugansk with a purpose to open “oksanalove” next office there. And I was not sure why I was attracted exactly by this small Ukrainian city, if there are so many big cities in the world with huge number of girls who are in searches of their prince? I think manies have heard about the tremendous beauty of hot and sensual Ukrainian girls, but only a smaller number of them do really know that exactly in this small Ukrainian town with a poetic name Lugansk every girl is a real supermodel. Frankly speaking, I didn’t have any version about why is it so, until the time when I introduced with one interesting and of course beautiful woman, who told me that in the time of the Russian Impress Ekatirina the second’s ruling, she dispatched all the beautiful girls to that remote area. She eliminated all that women of tremendous beauty in unknown city of Lugansk, in order their charm could not darken the beauty of the powerful Empress. In such a way, this small city was full of girls of unbelievable beauty and they were passing this real value from generation to generation. Probably it’s just a beautiful legend, but you start unwillingly believing it when you walk in the streets of Lugansk and stare at dazzling smiles of Lugansk beauties.

In one of the hot days, I had a run around at Lugansk notaries’ offices and city administrations.
Unfortunately, during my trip I had some complicated moments also. I set down on a bench in the shadow in a cozy and pretty park and lazily was looking at people who were resting there. Through some time my attention was attracted by a group of four chaps – two guys and two girls. One of the women among them was tremendously beautiful! A guy that was sticking with her was pretty much athletic but he was staring at another man in a very unfriendly way. At the mean time, the guy that was gazed by another man admirably looked at that extremely beautiful girl. The second chick as I understood was a translator, because guy that was charmed most all spoke in English. The interpreter seemed nervous and unconfident. The beauty was only answering “yes” or ”no” and the conversation of two seemed more like a monolog of a foreigner. In some 15-20 minutes the stranger took out of his wallet and passed few green banknotes to the translator. Then, girls and the athletic guy left a foreigner alone and gone in a car that was waiting for them.

As I later found out, the foreigner was an American. He seemed really confused. That’s why I decided to approach him and ask if he needs any help. So, we introduced and from that moment I started getting to know a different side of Lugansk. It was another truth – a shocking truth about this city.

The American’s name is Steve. He came from USA to meet his virtual woman of dream and gain his long-awaited happiness. His whole family was expecting him home with his beautiful, loving and caring Ukrainian bride. However Steve’s fiancee disappeared from his life unexpectedly, just like she entered it. The same thing happened to his friend who came with him to Lugansk for seeing his bride.

So, what was so horrible and what happened to both of them?

I told Steve’s story to the manager of my newly registered Lugansk branch of “oksanalove” agency. And I was even more surprised and confused when she told me not a legend and not a history, but a real thing that she witnessed. I won’t tell about all the details. I just gonna tell you about some facts that I found out there. So, Lugansk has few illegal fake agencies that work behind the closed doors. They don’t give any of their contact details; they do not provide clients with any trustworthy information, they don’t have advertisements. The pictures of their beautiful clients they put in different free internet sites. Many of their clients are married young women. They are not unfaithful to their husbands and do not look for a partner for creating a family. So, why do they address to the dating agency? The answer is simple and horrifying – is the money. This is it! The work of Lugansk beauties is also simple and does not really bother them. They just bring their photos to the agency and that’s all. The rest is the task for their agency. They decide on what web-site to put the newly came girl’s picture, they write letters to her trapped fiance and so on. As a rule they receive lots of letters from the foreign clients and the fiances (if I can say so) on the wings of love fly to Lugansk to see their beloved ones. Finally, the couples have a meeting and… confused fiances get a cold look of their Lugansk beauty instead of a sweet kiss. They loyally pay money for personal translator service, driver, apartment found by their baby-girls and stay alone with their dreams. At the meantime, their brides honestly get their “share” for every deal from their translator who works for the agency. Usually, the fake bride gets some per cent from the whole sum given by her fiance. And actually, her salary depends on how much generous her fiance is.

Well, this is a sad story about Lugansk’s beautiful women and their fake dating agencies. I take all the responsibility for the reliability of this information and it’s checked by myself. In two similar agencies that I attended as a fake client I got the whole information about how the agencies of such kind work and how their brides should work in their team. I told them that I’m married hiding the facts that could make them suspicious and disclose my intensions. As I told before, I will not describe all the details. However, it made me even the more striving for realizing my purpose. And now I’m gonna do everything for the creation of a real, legal and professional agency that could help any girl of Lugansk to find her man. The one she could give all her love, passion, tenderness, faithfulness and beauty.

Oxana Gaertner
Oksanalove,Inc http://oksanalove.com/

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  1. Angelito Garcia, 8 years ago

    Dear Oxana,

    I met this girl (Natalia Lungu, 26 years old, green eyes, 5 feet seven inches, born August 30) through Dream Marriage. She seems to be a nice girl but she is from Lugansk. Upon reading your article about Lugansk women, I got nervous. I have already spent a good sum of money sending her flowers, and letters ,and paying for her personal information. Is there a way I could tell if she is for real. You said 95% of Lugansk women are scammers. Another website luganskukriane.com seems to tell a much better story of Lugansk women and their men. It seems like one of the great cities of Europe.

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

    Best regards,

    Chicago, Illinois, USA

  2. remy, 8 years ago

    Dear sir,
    I am agree with you about Lugansk girls as you said ? may be shall say ? of them are scammers.
    I already tried 2 girls of that city in different occasion but in both of occasion ended with result of scam.
    I belive they do it becouse their country is poor and the job is ohfull, that is why their peopole tend to do evrything to get some money. As the reasult, they use the girl and they asked forion nem to come to their country, then by this way, they arranged cheap accomodation from the landlord and then they will rent it out to people who come from abroad to see the girls but after that other sort of game will start.

    It happend to me the girl aws so beautiful and she shown herself very honest. When I went there, there is people who they work on her (that means interpreter people) (however they charge also for translating), anyway when I called them they told me she is sick or lab lab lab… Then I came back with a lots of spend, may be about £1000 only for 1 week.

    I am not sure why the goveronment wouldn’t stop them or they taking further action against them.

    Take care

    Remy from England

  3. Brendon, 8 years ago

    Has anyone ever had dealings with tras_easy_speech@mail.ru or a young lady named Genia or Eugenia?

  4. john, 8 years ago

    A lady from Gorlovka wrote to me on 15 December 2007 via UaLadys.com (which I have subsequently got a very bad name). UaLadys had a row with UaDreams.com and the lady moved to this agency. We have been writing now for 17 months. She invited me to meet her in Donestk in March 2008., but she then got a job in Germany. The next planned meeting was in August 2008., but the contract was extended.

    In view of the fact that I was not in the market for a Ukrainian lady, respecting them, I did not think that it was worthwhile taking one of their packaged tours for which meeting 30 women was including with translation; I asked UaDreams for their Donetsk office address so that I could look for a hotel near it, or possibly stay in Gorlovka.

    In January 2008 I requested UaLadys to remove my profile but they did not and kept on sending me ladys letters until I decided not to renew my domain http://www.internationaltravellerscardonline.com and then thank goodness with no e-mail for this domain the letters stopped.

    With research on the internet into scams I came accross Calvin L
    http://www.ualadyscam.com (it would seem from the article) that he went to visit, bought presents for, had a boyfriend or husband.

    To open the public´s eyes I published http://myualadysexperience.blogspot.com

    I believe that men who have been scammed should start a blog about the lady/agency that has scammed them publishing all the letters and photos. They have the internet as a weapon to fight back “name and shame”. I am sure that whilst the boyfriends/husbands accept their fiancee/wife earning money via these means, they will not like the “name and shame”. They, together with their “one and only” and the agencies are all party to fraud, as is their credit card processing company (under Ukrainian law). Yes this could cause family problems but they have brought it upon themselves and playing with other peoples feelings is unpardonable and will rest on their karma, if not with legal reprucussions.

    I had also been willing to pay for the lady from Gorlovka´s surname and address but UaDreams refused. OK I can understand the protection of clients, but after 18 months a lady would know if I was genuine or not.

    Well fate played a cruel move – I went to purchase another 20 e-mails and my card company advised me that my card had been suspended. Do they know something about this agency that I do not know? I asked the agency to advise the lady from Gorlovka that I had replied to her last letter but could not send it because of the credit cards action. To date they have not replied, but today sent me photos of other ladies (as if I am interested – especially as my profile has been hidden from ladies on their site)


    I have made a complaint to the credit card company and if they have no reason I will ask them that their representative in the Ukraine apologize personally and give me proof of it, giving them permission to give the lady my details.

    Of course I just hope that the lady in question is not like one in you excellent article Oxana and wish you luck with your agencies

  5. Brian, 8 years ago

    Its true a lot of Lugansk women are scammers. However, I got lucky and met and married a beautiful woman from Lungask, Ukraine. My wife told me how lucky I am to find a true woman.

    Don’t risk more then you can afford to lose, but don’t be afraid to take a risk. Just guard your heart first. Finding and dating a woman will be expensive anyway. So watch your heart first and dont jump into any finacial commitments until you know her and have meet her. Also, I recommend meeting in Kiev when you decide to meet. Its a wonderful city but a good 14 hour train ride away. You would likely have to pick up the train fare. But this way if she turns out to be a scammer, you can just enjoy the city and who knows who else you might meet.

  6. Brendon, 8 years ago

    Has anybody ever heard of Boris Lutsenko Manager of tras easy speech interpretation agency in Lugansk? they charge for translations with young ladies.

  7. John, 7 years ago

    Boris Lutsenko is a scammer! If you research his name in the web he is linked with several Ukranian women scammers. I fell into the trap unfortunately. Lucky it was only a couple of hundred pounds. Some guys have been done for alot more. Now I know, I won’t be falling for that one again!

  8. frank, 7 years ago

    i have been looking half hearted but i have learn a few tricks which may be worth noting. i ask for phone numbers address and work contact numbers and on every occasion those request are overlooked by the girls.I am not saying that will save you but it is a positive start if the girl reveals that information. i find it hard to believe that none of these girls own a mobile phones, I have also found how fast the girl wants to move in making personal contact so that is also a guide for a sting.Yes i find it almost impossible to believe any of them but i am sure there are some.I came across your site because i have been corresponding with a girl from tagged who claims to live in Lugansk.Well in the photos she looks stunning and i will play it out a little longer but I am sure it will end like the rest thanks for your blog.

  9. John, 7 years ago

    18 months of writing and VISA refuse any more purchases of e-mails to uadreams

    22 months and uadreams give me a couple of free ones.

    The lady replies and am rejected a third time from visiting Donetsk., but if she did write the letter it looks as if the translator wrote the last paragraph with the aim to finish the relationship once and for all as the first 3 paragraphs gave a completely different impression

    You can judge for yourself here http://bit.ly/2QvHy1
    Maybe a lovely Ukrainian lady will leave a message in the comment box:)

    I think that this sums it up for me
    or a comment here

  10. Bill, 7 years ago

    I visited Luansk and this company called the marrage club after finding this woman called Sventlanta on a Ukranian dating website,
    they charged me for apartment tranferes for airport and back and translations with the lady,which was arranged for me to stay there and spend 1 week with the lady but after 2 days the lady did not show up at our meeting place and the agency called marrage club said she was no longer interested in seeing me.this agency was a scammers and rip off company and they are dishonest and deciptful liers.
    Luckly enough i found a genuine agency who introduced me to a honest woman with true intentions instead of Marriage club,be ware of them they are a total scam.

  11. Japanese Girlfriend, 7 years ago

    Outstanding argument! Obvioulsy, you actually understand how to really find a great mail order bride. I never really believed the feminist spin anyhow, but you honestly did a terrific job of killing much of the mainstream media spin. However, now I simply need to decide whether I should go for an amazing Russian girl, a hot Latin lady, or maybe a sexy Asian woman. They all look amazing!

  12. top asian online dating site, 7 years ago

    Free on Line Dating – niche Sites What are they niche sites are a type of free on line dating sites with a more focused and specific membership. They may be structured around geographic locations or races. They possibly could be more age specific than the general site. There are ….

  13. David, 6 years ago

    Brian, John and everyone else. I cannot believe you wrote someone and paid for email credits for such a long time!? You are men, with educations! If an agency doesn’t allow information they are fake! This is nothing new, it has been all over the Internet for more than ten years. I found a perfect woman from loveme.com and I got to know the owner who lives in Arizona, USA. They make certain the woman is real, legit, and when a scammer does get into their system the email everyone and let them know. Ukraine is rampent with scams, illegal prositutes posing as lonely girls. Not just Lugansk guys, but everywhere. If you want love, use the big head, and learn for the most obvious tricks. If they proclaim love after five emails, they are fake! I watched a friend of mine do the same thing you are all doing. Your common sense has to be alive and see the tricks they paly. I never once sent the girl money, we met after a year because my job was the only thing stopping it and when we did, I met the family, and knew she was wonderful. The ligt places work with you, they do not triack you into paying more and more money.

  14. Keith, 6 years ago

    I have been talking to a lady in Lugansk at first everything was very reserved then suddenly she wants to visit but she wants to come to me I can see what this is leading to send money that I will not. Do not know the Agency she is using but the swing was quick from hello my friend to my darling and how much she loves me never found out her surname and she will not supply a mobile number.
    Also been talking to a lady in Doneske she supplied a moblile confirmed she has saved my mobile on her mobile but when I sent a SMS the reply was not sure who are you. Does or do these Agencies hold mobiles for these ladies to use since then she has not written or come back to me.

  15. Keith, 6 years ago

    I will keep everybody informed as to the goings on I will keep talking to the lady from Lugansk and if should I need advice I will seek it.

  16. Ian, 6 years ago

    Dear Oxsana

    I met a girl called Victoria Krokhmal (dob 5/4/1984) through http://www.rsvp.com.au? I sent her money for a trip to Australia to meet me but she never showed. I believe I have been conned.

    Of course I realise it was a stupid stupid mistake and I should have realised but we had been chatting via the internet for months and also by telephone. I really thought she was genuine and she even showed me photos of her working with children, as she was a teacher.

    For a con job she worked very hard to get the money – months and months of time and contact before she asked for money to come and meet me.

    Her address: Ukraine. Lugansk
    Demyokhina str. 12/22. zip code 91000
    and her phone number: +38 099 6324131

    I just don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake I did. So here is her personal details so if anyone does a search on the internet for it maybe this site will come up. (I actually did that and nothing came up for me so I thought it was genuine. I was a fool).



  17. John, 6 years ago

    Has anyone ever heard of “Ukraine Translator Group” U.T.G. located in Lugansk, Ukraine. Iam currently talking with a woman there through this company and would like to know if they are legit. thanks, John

  18. Li DoHBoH, 6 years ago

    UKraine. ?

    there is no things only Bad things..!
    But ukrainian general people have no known what happan,
    And they just live there ..they think there is a area of earth..
    But real not..
    The poor people can’t recieve high lv service of Gov..
    But there are the rich too..

    I was visited ukraine 3 times ( lugansk, and Kiev, Kherson ) for meeting girls anastasiadate.com from South korea)

    But I didn’t meet real girls for marrige..
    Liars or Faked Address..!

    or some married girls lie their spec of marrige..(Yes / No)
    so really they met guys from western man, they don’t pay anythings..
    Only Guys pay.. and a night, Invite stonger man to dates..

    They had sexual things,
    The poor foreign man suck his water on her body..
    THey demonded he sucked her body dry..
    they planed those ..
    I listened it from a guy Finn..

    And Take care a girl on streess ..
    She demond sexual jobs to man..
    and she lead a short way..
    take care behind.. a guy or the boys klck your head..
    and they run away taking your passport and bags..

    … a girl gave a agency address..
    THe girl seem to have real.. ?
    But not..
    the girl let agency cut you,. then how can you meet her..?
    No ways..~

  19. sean roberts, 6 years ago

    It seems before you do anything go to …alexfriends.info , and talk to alex by email before you stick your neck or wallet out ! I also have been writing to a couple of stunners [ natasha plotnikova ] and a marina polotova , both in Lugansk , you can almost feel the air change if a question about scamming is asked ! expect a delay , while they try to figure out if you are onto them or not . they will be dicussing a way of getting the ball rolling again , and try to snare you ….again ! I have travelled to Kiev , KRIVOY ROG , Simpheropol , Melitopol , Yalta , and Sevastopol , at the time I was visiting friends , so girlie problems didnt arise . THe Ukrainian girls are totally gorgeous , just don,t believe anything they tell you . Many will get cold feet if they think you are actually coming to Lugansk , I found they quickly lose interest if you arent supplying a steady stream of cash , chocolate , and gifts . So friends , I know its possible to meet a genuine girl … just contact alexfriends.info.com , and I am told he will help you with every detail you need !

  20. Peter, 6 years ago

    My name’s Peter. I’ve read the message of Bill May 10th, 2010 at 10:15 pm. I was to Ukraine in June, 2010 and used the agency which he is talking about. I met a nice lady named Tanya. I was satisfied by the service this agency provided during my staying. At the moment Tanya is at my home and we are going to be married. I’ve heard about this story of Bill from my girlfriend cause everyone at the agency knew about it. That man is named Tony Churchley from the web site ElenasModels. He spent one day with Svetlana alone without the agency. Then she came to the agency with the tears and without any further desire to see him once more. He was informed about it but he denied everything. He even stole and damaged the items from the apartment he rent. So girls be careful with this man. Men you don’t believe everything you read but better see with your own eyes. I am happy now and wish you all the same.

  21. Tim, 6 years ago

    I would like to say, I met a young beautiful lady in Lugansk. Started talking with her thru Dream Marriage for two months. Decided to meet with her in Oct. 2009 and now are married. Was a very good experience

  22. AMERICAN DOSTOEVSKY, 6 years ago




  23. Alex, 6 years ago

    My name is Alex, I am from Lugansk and I have to say that 90 to 95 % of all the Ukrainian brides are FAKE! I know the whole system of this scam.
    Really good girls (and there are thousands of them here!!!) are not using agencies ever and don’t dream about just leaving their home city.

    If you have any questions – feel free to ask. I can easily check if is a real lady, or just a fake. I’ll be glad to help.

    Don’t be silly! If you want to find a girl to create a family, just come over here and don’t use the agencies!
    I’ve been to the US 4 times and never met better women than here, in Ukraine.

    So, just in case – send your questions

  24. david, 6 years ago

    Hello. can any one tell me if this website is genuine, i have been using it for a couple of months. i have been writing to one lady now for a few weeks and she seems as keen on me as i am on her.

  25. Michael Ludwick, 6 years ago

    Has anyone had a good or bad experience with Single Baltic Ladies?

    It seems that most of the girls on this site are from Nikolaev, but some are from Sumy, Odessa and Kiev and some other cities mixed in. I have been writing to a beautiful girl from Lugansk!! There are not many girls on this site from Lugansk, did I get unlucky. After reading some of the stories here I am I little wary now. I did not see any stories involving Single Baltic Ladies. Thanks, Mike, USA

  26. Michael Ludwick, 6 years ago

    Also, I found this web site……….Who ever posted this website must be insane!!!


    It makes Lugansk sound like Shangrila!!!

  27. mike scott, 6 years ago

    i have been married to a girl from zaporoje i met in moscow in1994,all is well. I met her through friends and this is thebest way. You dont need a visa to go to the ukraine so just go on a holiday and you’re likely to meet someone.stick to kiev,try a uk based agency or take someone who speaks russian or learn yourself. A little russian is very useful.

  28. Tom G, 6 years ago

    I have to Agree with all comments above. I heard from the beautiful Girl names Yulia.
    The translation agency without a website is “Eastern-Ukrainian Translations”
    That sent immediate red flags. I have not time for this bullshit.
    They say my girl ran out of money for interpretation services and if I wish to continue they would be happy to help.
    The prices range from $5. per picture and letter to
    “a deal” for $220. per month with unlimited letters and pictures.
    My first wife is from Ukraine and that is what Doctors make for a salary.
    Of course this money is split with the girl. They still email me from time to time saying how much she misses me. These guys are so brazen.
    scam,scam,scam. That is what it is. Any girl that is for real,
    1)speaks a little english 2) would never think of asking for money.

    Tom G. California

  29. Josephine Victor, 6 years ago

    Really Sad story.

  30. Matt, 6 years ago

    There are so many scammer son this site. I met a girl called Oxsana Eremina, e-mailed for months, spoke on the phone for months and dispite warnings not to send money we arranged to meet. I work in Asia so she was going to come spend my vacation with me here. Sent money for her visa and proof of funds to get into the country. But then it seems to be one thing after another with little problems that come up. I researched it and there is a patern and questioned her and believed her answers. I even outright asked and the day she wasw ment to travel silence. It’s my fault for being a mug i supose and i dont care about the money. The thing that bothers me is these people have no shame. She was ment to be from Bodansk, there was a scammer with her name listed in another city as well. Anyway lesson learned and wont send any more money. I dont think there is any harm in e-mailing but next time i will go visit the girl in her country and as you say sort everything myself. Then if she doesnt turn up or pulls some other BS i can just enjoy my holiday.

  31. ken keisler, 6 years ago

    I found this site, decided to write I actually met my wife in Lugansk 5 years ago. I spent about a year traveling to russia and several cities in Ukraine. I did some metal business in Lugansk we actually own apartment on Main street. Have not been back for 3 years.We Met thru Irena at Magic date- see Photos of happy couples Ken and Kate.we live in san Francisco my wife is going back to see relaties in May 2011. It is difficult to find a nice wife in Ukraine but impossible in the states.I do miss looking at and meeting all the gorgious women In UkraineI do not even look at wome in the states any more is sad. My wife is young and gorgious, we are happy.

  32. Ukrainian living abroad, 6 years ago

    You guys are all pathetic, get a life, find a girl in your own area, then you will have a better chance at true love. Try joining a good church group. There you will find good women with honest intentions.

  33. KATAX, 6 years ago

    Y’all .. My Name Is BBK… I am A Nigerian And A 4th year Medical Student At Lugansk State Medical University.. All The Above You Said Is True.. Just Keep Your Head Up.. And Also Try And Make Further Enquiries Before Diving On Em Pretty Faces.. Yeah They Are Broke(Used To Share Buses With Em, Standing And All.) But They Are Very Dangerous To You(Foreigners) .. They Are Soo Cheap.. Not A Fan..But That’s The Fact. Holler Me If You Need Any Clarity .”Don’t Let Em Scam You”
    and If You Happen To Be A Victim, I Will Help You Fetch Them Out In Whatever Possible Way..You Have My Word.
    Hollaaa! Peace

  34. Troy Homer, 6 years ago

    in 2007 I decided to take a chance and write to a girl Miss Olga V from Kharkov, well she had me sending stuff like sweets flowers, but her reply letters to me were always out of sync with what I was trying to tell her. Well i spent some money on her, with my visa card buying her photos and so on. Eventually she sent a mail for me with different receipitants, then it hit me that whoever is writing thes mails is not only writing to me but also to others using the same one reply mail

  35. Nelson, 6 years ago

    Thanks for your guidance. I just started talking to a couple of girls. Some of their letters seem similar or scripted. Again, their pictures are beautiful, I’m like why can’t these girls find husbands there? It is a scam? I’m using RussianEuro.com
    What are some other ways to check if actually legit? I like the one guy’s note, go to Keiv and if she doesn’t show, at least you can check out the city. Also, I think using Skype would be good, but so far no one has webcam???? Go figure.

  36. Tonia - from the Find People Site, 6 years ago

    There are loads of dating scams going on out there – be careful!

    To those who wonder why east European and Russian women are looking for men in the US and North Europe – it is because it is a way for them of getting out of there!

    The situation in parts of east Europe is nothing like it is in a western country. People are poor, there is corruption, the social security is not good, there are no well paid jobs… That is why some people don’t feel like there is any future for them if they stay in their city/country.

    To them it is a the chance of a lifetime to find someone online who is willing to get them a visa and a plane ticket!

    My best friend here in Finland was married to an Albanian man. She got him a visa and paid for his trip to get here 7 years ago. They got married and have two beautiful kids.

    About a year ago they had a divorce (because he started seeing another women). He has also on several occasions taken my friends credit card without permission – basically stolen money from her. When she has found out, he always has said that he had to do it because he needs to send money back home.

    His sisters are always calling him and shouting that they need 500 euro, 1000 euro or whatever, now! And he sends it. he even made my friend co-sign a bank loan of 5000 euro one time!

    Now the situation is quite bad for him, because he is not at all good with money and has failed to pay his rent at the new apartment he moved to after the divorce. So he is homeless now. My friend helps him as much as she can – lets him sleep on the couch, but it is not easy for her.

    Even though she has done so much for him (and is still doing a lot for him), he does a lot of bad things behind her back all the time.

    Now he wants to try to bring some of his Albanian family over here to live. My friend will not help him with that one though – he has to try to figure out how to get them here himself.

    Anyway, just wanted to share that with you all.

    Take care.

  37. An Agency Owner, 6 years ago

    Sterlin, you are missing the point that many Russian and Ukrainian women won’t entertain the idea of a black man. That’s why you don’t see the photos you describe. In fact, many men go to these countries exactly because of this propensity of the women to eschew non white males.

  38. gilb erto, 6 years ago

    I am hispanic and I met many Ukrainian beauties and of course the blonde ones love me and the Indian and Romanian heritance love me as well. I have proof of all the emails I get from the beauties and they are looking for love. Once in a while I encounter a gold-digger but nothing like the USA and Mexico which is loaded with gold-diggers.

  39. Marius, 6 years ago

    Can someone confirm me if the next site you can arrange a meeting with the girl of your dreams or are tricked and extorted money?

  40. Samson, 6 years ago

    My father is from Latvia, even though I was born in Australia, and because of my heritage I have been looking for my bride among the many Ukrainian women on the internet, and I’m afraid to say it, but the more beautiful they are, the more chance there seems of it being a con. I have had 3 women now (the first three in a row I might add) who wrote to me for a week, then tried to get money out of me.

    It’s quite heart breaking and depressing for the man who gets suckered.

    I think I’ll give up and stay single.

  41. Ray, 6 years ago

    I agree with Gil erto , I have found so many jewels in the rough in Ukraine, it is unbelievable , and it’s also true about the outstanding number of gold diggers both in the United states and in Mexico compared to Ukraine.
    As far as the race goes sterlin soo koo, that is totally the woman’s preference, attraction etc, I have seen milky white women in Ukraine making out with local black men, I think women here are more geared(in general) towards a good man who knows how to treat a lady, etc. which unfortunately there are not enough Ukrainian men to speak of ( only a few I’ve seen that too) who do so..

  42. dave, 6 years ago

    what is this bullshit?

  43. Spartan, 6 years ago

    Of cores there is many not so beautiful women in the F.S.U. that would be happy to marry you . Hots chicks alwaies fuck you over .Ukriane is a great place to visit I can’t wait to go again ,there is still many nice girls over there .Learn to speak Russian talk to them and meet them on your own in all those women one has to like you for you .Keep in mind part of the culture is your manhood is judged on how much money you the more you make the bigger man you are Russian women are worst Ukrianes are much more happy go lucky . What the agency tells you is bull the can sometimes expect more from you .Nice gifts and things .Display higher value and even a scamer may decided to like you if you make her feel good . Read the book mystery befor you go . Unlike the USA you find plenty of women all over .It seem in the west you could look around for women all day and not find any of anykind let alone beauitys .I also say skip Lugunsk ,go to Crimea and Odessa fun party town . Don’t expect to come back with a wife get to know it well you will love it it’s a safe place . Been there been with and dated Russian and Ukriane women I did meet in the US on match .com and I know for every scamer one is looking for love and have scamers need love to .Scam the scamer .Pull your own scam tell her you will put in for her visa get her to sleep with go back home .lol I did that .I will do it again too .

  44. More Intelligent than Ray or Dave, 5 years ago

    Ray You are really full of the very thing that Dave is speaking about and those “jewels”

    Its unpatriotic if you are from the USA to be dissing your own women in your own homeland

    If you don’t like your own women in your own homeland feel free to go and live in the middle of the earth where you won’t be seeing any of them again!

    Dave I hope you aren’t full of the same thing that Ray is that you spoke of in your comment-but is seems more than likely you actually are!

  45. Vic, 5 years ago

    Right now I’m going through a site called http://www.dream-marriage.com. It is a pay site, on the expensive side and have a money back guarantee. Has anyone heard of any illegitimacy with these people?

  46. gerry, 5 years ago

    Real intresting stuff i have been to Kiev and found nothing but gold diggers but it wont stop me going back just need to look somewhere else.
    I have tried the dating agencies in the uk and i think i know who eat all the pies but like most men i want a Ferrari but i keep looking through the Ford window showroom.
    So soon i will take spartans advice and perhaps try odessa.
    Thanks Spartan

  47. prince cheally, 5 years ago

    hello love could please be my lover and if we can get to know ourself we can get married ok mail me here princehopeu@yahoo.com

  48. UKIADDICT, 5 years ago

    Who is this angry Sterlin guy? Wow- relax buddy! I am in Ukraine now, and I have never heard of these harem/auctions. I would love to use this approach because it is like speed dating for those of us who can’t dedicate the necessary time. Otherwise, the only real way to meet girls here and get married is to move here for an extended period of time. If you just show up for a week, you will either 1) get targeted by hookers or gold diggers who go to places where foreigners gather (ex. Shooters club in Kiev), 2) be disappointed and not get any girls, or 3) meet a nice girl, but not get what you want because she doesn’t take you seriously as you will return to your country shortly (and in her mind, forget about her).

    It makes sense- why would a respectable girl hook up with a guy who she knows will not be around after a few days? And as for the girls who you meet at nice clubs/cafes and who speak English- they are just gold diggers. You have to learn Russian and live here for at least a month or two in order to find a good girl, meet with her enough times to get to know her, and then gain her trust and also trust her.

    It’s a difficult proposition for foreigners who show up after meeting girls online. You think there’s some gorgeous virgin waiting for you, but as most of those sites are scams, she probably isn’t even available or have any interest in you. I have looked up countless girls on vkontakte (Russian facebook) from the most popular marriage site in the US (anastasiaweb.com) and found them online with boyfriends or newly married or discovered that they work as strippers. You will be surprised to learn their real situation. Besides, I also confirmed that these girls get paid to write letters and meet with foreigners. I dated one that I found on anastasia but looked up on vkontakte. She told me all about poor saps who sent her jewelry and other gifts without ever meeting her in real life. She turned out to be a little whore anyway, but she was a great lay.

    Even after developing rapport with girls on vkontakte, I have been disappointed because I was ignored or rejected once I arrived in Ukraine. I lined up over a dozen dates before I got here, and I still haven’t had any of them follow-through now that I’m here. How anyone can be so naive to think that he has a chance using a marriage site is beyond me.

    The truth of the matter is that the women in Ukraine don’t have it as bad as people in the West think. There are many wealthy Ukrainians driving around in Porsches and Mercedes who snatch up the best girls with gifts and fancy dinners. The other girls are happy to date normal men or even boys their own age. You will be angered to see beautiful girls with dorky, young guys – just as we are angered in the West when we see a supermodel with a fat, old businessman.

    So with that said, either abandon the idea of getting a Uki bride, or take the steps necessary to acquire one. Learn the language. Take the trip out here and stay for 2 months at least. And then attack girls everywhere you go- don’t just rely on clubs or places like that. One Portuguese man who is here hunting girls uses creative approaches like stopping girls on the street with ridiculous questions or going into stores to hit on the shop girls. He is doing the only thing that works- which is playing the numbers game. He may only snag 1 out of 30 that way, but if he hits on 100 girls each week, he will have had a dozen girls after just one month. From those he can choose a girlfriend.

    I can say that I’m an expert in this field. I got hooked on these girls in 2004 when I went to St. Petersburg for a four-day visit. That turned into 3 engagements and a marriage after I spent 13 months in Russia. I learned the language, culture, and paid my dues. I can tell you in that time, I had about 30 girlfriends, two of them tying up most of my free time, so I couldn’t date around. It is an incredible experience. The women here are a wonderful reminder of what women all over the world once were: feminine, beautiful, romantic, charming, sensual, etc. I would gladly give up all I have in the US to spend the rest of my days playing this game.

    But this is changing fast. Women here are adapting Western ideas (like waiting until their late 20s to marry) and dating boys their own age. And after the Euro Cup 2012, you can kiss it all goodbye. Ukraine will be spoiled by all the foreign football fans who discover the best natural resource of this land. You’ll have to go to Siberia to find a good woman after that.

  49. Diego, 5 years ago

    if you look at the profiles from dream marriage agency. all the woman,s are looking for a successful man, no one is looking for a regular man. is simple all what they one is money.