8 Typical Ukrainian Musical Instruments

Ukrainian musical folklore is reach for all sorts of songs. No traditional Ukrainian amusement or rite ever passed without a song. Songs were accompanied by traditional musical instruments and the profession of musician always stood high. Here are the instruments Ukrainians are traditionally using to accompany their lives:

1. Kobza

 Photo Credit: narkov

This musical instrument at first had three strings, a thin neck and a long body. Now it has 4 o 8 strings and slightly reminds a guitar. It’s a traditional instrument of the folk singers you will meet at fairs and other amusements – Kobzari.

2. Bandura

 Photo Credit: Tanya Mass

Traditional Ukrainian stringed musical instrument played by plucking. Its body looks like a scoop and has 12 strings, reminds Russian Gusli. It is considered that folk singers in the cities are mostly playing Bandura, and in the villages Kobza.

3. Basolya

A traditional bow instrument reminding a violin by is form. It has only 4 strings.

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  1. volodymyr ivanovicz, 6 years ago

    Your photos are wonderful, but I believe the instruments labelled “basolya” are gadulkas from Romania or goudoks from Muscovy Russia. I was under the impression that the basola, or basolya, was a large, primitive cello, usually played with sopilka and tsymbaly. I welcome your comments. Mno Haya Lita!

  2. Jeremy Hull, 6 years ago

    There is a photo of a basolya on the web site of the Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema in Ukraine and it looks like a cello but with 3 strings: http://www.wumag.kiev.ua/index2.php?param=pgs20082/64.