5 Wealthiest Ukrainian Oligarchs

There always are a lot of people who would like to count your money, especially if you are an oligarch in Ukraine.

In 2009 Forbes counted the money only for four of the oligarchs, others happened not to have enough. Here are the lucky ones:

1. Viktor Pinchuk

2,6 billion USD and 246 place in the World rating compared to 5 billion and 206th place.

2. Rinat Akhmetov

With 1,8 billion and 397 place against last year’s 7,3. Poor guy, what did he buy to spend sooo much?

3. Igor Kolomoysky

1,2 billion and a place in the 6th hundred.

4. Gennadiy Bogoliubov

1,1 billion and the lowest result in the 7th hundred.

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