5 Typical Ukrainian Sayings

Sayings we say speak more of us than we would ever betray by any other means, by us I mean the whole people of Ukraine. In case you’d wish to impress your Ukrainian friends with folklore, the most popular Ukrainian sayings are listed below in transcription.

1. Jak ne zjim, to ponadkushuju

“If I fail to swallow, I will at least nibble at all of them [about apples]”. Super-typical! It’s supposed to mean a true Ukrainian nature makes one at least spoil something he cannot use up. Yes, a true Ukrainian should always put his buttocks to take as many seats as possible!

2. Gurtom I bat’ka legshe byty

“Beating own father is easier when in company”. Has to do with corporate liability and is actually sort of true. Never liked this one in fact…

3. Z myru po nytsi – golomu sorochka

“A thread from all over the world makes a shirt for the naked”. This mutual aid principle seems to be valid mostly between the poorest people somehow. I believe that’s because I, for instance, would prefer to stay shirtless than to wear some sleazy threadbare shirt.

4. Buvaye, shcho j korova litaye

“Cows also happen to fly”. Quite nice and optimistic a saying though is often used for sarcastic remarks having very little hope for success. You’ll cause furor if you happen to use it in place.

5. Baba z vozu – kobyli legshe

“Old woman from the cart makes it easier for the mare”. A really common saying meaning the less to do the easier. Haven’t said this for ages… :(

Love all these cute words! Sometimes there’s nothing that could illustrate what you mean better and sometimes there could be nothing more banal than to say one of those.

Now come on, tell me which one you liked most!

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1 Comment

  1. Fyedka, 5 years ago

    LOL ya lyublyu tse! xD

    I remember when my babusya would ALWAYS say “buvaye shcho j korova litaye”! omg sooooo true. She used to say all of those but I my favorite has always been “buvaye shcho j korova….”

    She would always say it SOOOO sarcastically herself, NO ONE can say it like her. NIKHTO! :-P