5 Popular Ukrainian Drinks

When you are thirsty – you drink! When you need a pass-time – you drink. When you wanna have some fun – you drink. When you come to Ukraine, watch what you’re drinking and don’t go away without having tried the following:

1. Medovuha

 Photo Credit: Kykonya

An alcoholic drink on the base of honey. Tastes like honey, smells like honey, makes your head go round like absinth.

2. Kvas

 Photo Credit: CharlesFred

A traditional non-alcoholic brewed drink based on bread, known from the time of Russ, which is for very very long. Good to slake the thirst on a sunny day, good to drink instead of beer if you’re driving, great for a picnic. Very refreshing in the morning after you tried Samogon or Medovuha.

3. Samogon

 Photo Credit: NilColor

A moonshine made of all sorts of products, sugar, beets, potatoes, fruit, jam gone sour etc. Heavy metal stuff! For battle-hardened and tough only. Beautiful girls, better get a Pina Colada.

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