5 Most Known Ukrainian Lakes

You know, Ukraine is not a Lake District of course, but there are many lakes that attract visitors from both Ukraine and other countries. Some are great for recreation, some are important for their inhabitants and some are known for other reasons. Most known Ukrainian lakes are as follows.

1. Svityaz

 Photo Credit: lemmingby

Svityaz Lake is the biggest and the deepest natural lake on the territory of Ukraine. For its space and its beauty it resembles the sea with waves as high as half a meter. Water is so incredibly transparent that you can see the bottom at a depth of a couple meters.

2. Synevir

 Photo Credit: ik old account

Synevir Lake is a 10 thousand years old lake on 989 meters above the sea level is the most precious treasure of the National Park “Synevir” and one of the visiting cards of Ukrainian Carpathians. According to the legend it is made of the tears of the beautiful princess Syn whose beloved was killed on the place.

3. Yalpug

 Photo Credit: Guyllery

Yalpug is the biggest natural lake in Ukraine and a part of Prydunay lake system. Situated in Odessa region. 39 km long and up to 15 km wide it covers 149 square kilometers. Its rich piscifauna counts over 40 species of fish and a great population of crawfishes.

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