5 Most Important Products of Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainians being a very hard-working nation they needed their food to supply them with enough energy. Thus Ukrainian food had to be very nourishing which defined the set of products which are traditionally used to prepare it. So,

1. Pork

 Photo Credit: jahat

Being the most nourishing of the types of meat available, most functional and easy in cooking, pork has gained firm positions in Ukrainian hearts and komoras (storages). We are using not only the meat itself for pechenya, stuffing for holubtsi, pelmeni and other dishes, but also fat in different variations – as a lard and as salo (see top must-try post).

2. Potatoes

 Photo Credit: ranjit

As the most nourishing vegetables they are used in all sorts of soups, in pechenia, as a stuffing for pies, varenyky, rolls, as a pastry for pies and zrazy, and as the main component of some dishes like deruny, fried potatoes, pechenya etc.

3. Beets

 Photo Credit: Darwin Bell

Not only for the pleasant sweet taste is the beet such a valuable ingredient in Ukrainian cuisine, but also for its color. Borshch without beet would be just another colorless soup. A traditional Christmas eve dish – Bury’achky would never exist. It’s a grated horseradish colored with beets.

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