5 Major Ukrainian Rivers

The major Ukrainian rivers are of such a great importance for Ukraine that without the rivers Ukraine would not even exist. Some of the rivers enabled the fine crops on the fields throughout the ages, while others were very important trading routes for the ancients. So, here we go.

1. Dnieper (981 km on Ukrainian territory)

 Photo Credit: Dit is Suzanne [without computer, again...]

The biggest river in Ukraine Dnieper flows from Smolensk region of Russia through Belarus until it finally falls into the Black Sea. Having played a greatly important historical role (was the way from the Baltic to the Black Sea) Dnieper has not lost its importance nowadays. Apart from the fresh water it counts more than 50 species of fish and is the basis for numerous hydroelectric power plants DneproGES in Zaporozhye being the most known.

2. Pivdenny Bug (853 km)

South Bug is a river on the south west of Ukraine. It is the fifth biggest river in Ukraine and the biggest purely Ukrainian river. It flows through the step and forest-step territories known for their oldest geological formation on the territory of Ukraine. It’s because of this South Bug has so many rapids and is a famous rafting spot in Ukraine.

3. Dniester (692 km)

 Photo Credit: Pavel Oleinik

It flows in Western Ukraine and Moldova on the place of the prehistoric Sarmat Sea. Important for the fresh water and hydroelectric power plants. It is planned to use it for irrigation, hatchery rearing, navigation and recreation.

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