4facts about Beer Brewing Museum …

This is a Lviv tavern which is situated in the cellars of a Lviv brewery.


Robert Dom’s Beer House is a rather new Lviv tavern on former Klepariv area.

It is situated in the cellars of a Lviv brewery, which obviously favours the quality and fresh flavour of all those intoxicating drinks available in this tavern.


Here, you can also enjoy the old-time atmosphere of Lviv breweries, fresh «Lvivske» beer, straight from the brewery taps, and original and tasty home-made meals.


There is a souvenir shop and a small salon for visitors on the first floor, and four large rooms in the cellar.


There is a stage in one of these rooms as musicians often come to perform in the tavern.
Address: Kleparivs’ka str. 18
Phone: (032) 242-25-94
Work time 12:00-24:00

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