4 Types of Ukrainian TV shows

Having watched the TV for a couple of days when in Ukraine you’ll probably think Ukrainians are not a very particular public. There are only a few types of TV shows you will normally see on the TV

1. Talent shows

Shows where unknown people from the crowd are trying to impress the jury and the audience with their unseen talents. They dance, sing, cry, do whatever to prove they are worth the money and are able to become true stars. Otherwise established stars show unseen talents like skating, dancing, singing etc. Lately everyone started to dance and to feign charity.

2. Political talk shows

They invite known politicians and talk on contradictory topics. Bla-bla-bla! Politicians read advanced passages from the papers never answering the question, or argue impolitely with the opponents. And that’s what they call liberty of speech, LOL. It’s always sort of fun to watch politicians confusing poets, painters and oligarchs.

3. Morning wake-up shows

Being the simplest type of the show they are most pleasant to watch, stuffed with diverse useful tips, guests of the studio, music videos etc. they normally have the most nonchalant hosts and are the least pretentious of all.

4. Rare unique projects

I would like to tell about one of them. “Ja Lyublyu Ukrayinu” – I love Ukraine! This was a sort of competition between the two members of the group “Potap I Nastya Kamenskih” Potap and Nastya. Guys competed for some prize during the series of shows having each time a new team each with representatives of Ukrainian singers, sportsmen, politicians, businessmen in the most friendly manner. Pleasure to watch, pleasure to watch again.

Well, hope you will not come to Ukraine to watch the TV, there are many other things to do! Though, if stuck in a hotel room, you’ll always find a TV-show or two to make fun of.

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