3 Ways to Tell a True Ukrainian Spirit

You will not always meet Ukrainians with Salo in Torbynka (knapsack). Thus necessity to tell “a faithful friend from flattering foe” might occur. Take my advice and use three following tips to tell a true Ukrainian spirit from a not so true Ukrainian spirit. So here we go.

1. Catch ‘em

You tell your suspected “not so true Ukrainian spirit” the following tale. “They say a true Ukrainian during his life has to accomplish the following: build a house, plant a tree, raise a son, do in a Moskal (the way true Ukrainian will call a Russian) and kill a titmouse (Synychku)”. If the Ukrainian is true, he will sincerely wonder “Why kill a titmouse?!” Note that polishing off a Moskal should not raise any doubts.

2. Check their greeting habits

A real true Ukrainian must know how to answer the greetings of the Ukrainian insurgent army. To check if they do greet them as follows: “Slava Ukrayini!” (“Glory to Ukraine!” should be pronounced in a very brave manner). The suspect is supposed to reply “Geroyam slava!” (“Glory to the heroes!”). You will also need this watchword to be admitted to one of the national-style restaurants in Lviv.

3. Perform an apple test

I told you about the greatest Ukrainian saying revealing a true Ukrainian nature “Jak ne zjim, to ponadkushuju” which means “If I fail to swallow, I will at least nibble at all of them [about apples]”. So here’s the plot: you give them a basketful of apples and wait what he will do. The idea is that they should not treat all the present or even let anyone try, but hardly work on devouring the catch.

KIDDING!!! But still you have a chance to impress your Ukrainian hosts and make much FUN! Who knows, maybe you’ll find such a true Ukrainian spirit complying with all of the above!

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