3 Symbols of Ukraine

The Emblem, the Flag and the Hymn of Ukraine are, of course, the first in the list when you think of the symbols. The Emblem with its long history dating back to Kyiv Rus, the Flag symbolizing the crop fields and the Ukrainian skies and the Hymn sounding almost like a prayer all the three evoke patriotism in the hearts of many Ukrainians. Though there are symbols that touch our hearts even deeper. Here are mine:

1. Leleka

 Photo Credit: len_chen83

A Stork, named after god of good and love – Lel’, symbolizes the birth of new life. It’s a very positive sign if Leleka nested around your house. This means you are good and deserved this as a sort of blessing. For many people Leleka means almost the same as a child, happiness of new life and because of this its image is so very sweet and romantic.

2. Barvinok

 Photo Credit: VegaKiev

A periwinkle, a tender violet flower, flourishing mostly in Nothern, Western and Central Ukraine. Due to its vitality it is considered a symbol of life and according to the legend has also to do with symbolizing eternal love. It’s used to decorate a wedding cake (karavay) to wish eternal love to the new couple. Being a very simple plant, modest and unpretentious it will accompany you throughout the most part of Ukraine and make you remember your own sweet home.

3. Verba ta Kalyna

 Photo Credit: xbody

A willow and an arrowwood, they always come together and it’s said to be no Ukraine without them. The willow with its sadly pending branches and the arrowwood with its joyful red fruit in winter at its height, they combine the intertwine of life into a smooth course. These symbols keep you on the ground whatever happens, reminding you there always is the reverse side.

For me Verba ta Kalyna are basics of Ukrainian symbols for their ambivalence and generality with Lelekas flying around with newborns in their beaks and Barvinkys spreading all over the land.

And here I am writing a romantic post on Ukrainian symbols and thinking why did I not pick Bulava, Khreshchatyk and Kyivsky Tort :)

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