3 Dangerous Ukrainian Neighborhoods

Any country has its dangerous neighborhoods, and so does Ukraine. Some of them are of local importance, others famous all over the country. Here are the hoods making natural habitat for the people you are least interested to meet.

1. Certain Kyiv districts

I was in doubt which district I should list, so I name both – Troyeshchina and Borshchagovka. The first being a relatively new dormitory area and the second historically industrial and problem neighborhood, they are both normal districts with a slightly higher risk to meet underworld specimens, less street lamps down the streets and no one to help you out. During the daytime you will most probably not feel that ‘something’s rotten’.

2. Home of the famous ‘Donetskije’ (Donetsk people)

Well, here’s some space for stereotypes of the times of the Orange Revolution. When all Western and Central Ukraine was supporting Viktor Yushchenko, the industrial part – Eastern Ukraine – also had the right to express their point. No matter how these tired angry miners were brought to Kyiv, they were suspiciously watched at and everyone was expecting something to happen. And something did – their risky way of life undoubtedly left its mark on both their tempers and cultural level. They do differ and are potentially dangerous. They live in the industrial and depressed areas of the Eastern Ukraine and it’s not their fault that we are afraid of them, it’s their burden. And their habitat – well, it’s the whole mining and former mining area of the Eastern Ukraine.

3. Alienation zone

This 30-kilometer Tchernobyl alienation zone is a truly dangerous place! No lights, no authorities, no police – just the scum of the world and radiation. If you still decide Tchernobyl alienation zone is your must see, take a commercial tour with insurance and proper guidance and do not ever go anywhere deeper than allowed. The zone is great for beasts, wild horses and hiding criminals.

Of course I do not mean these places are 100% populated with scum of society, but still I do not recommend you to visit them, especially by yourselves, especially especially after dark!

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1 Comment

  1. PK, 6 years ago

    Troyeshchina and Borshchagovka are not the most dangerous. It is quite safe their even after dark. Kiev is quite safe Milicia does a good job there.
    I would put a Kriviy Rig on the really the first place.